Wilderness Selected for Screening at Film Showcase!

WILDERNESS is chosen for screening at the Caribbeantales Film Showcase September 15, 2012 at 6:30 pm in a session called Caribbean Canadian Shorts Showcase.  A panel discussion will follow including Dawn Wilkinson, the director of Wilderness. All films screened are in Official Competition for the Caribbean Tales Audience Award!!



Houston Worldfest International Film Festival

Check out the gallery to see some pretty snaps of our amazing time in Houston at the Worldfest International Film Festival!




Wilderness Wins Platinum Award at Houston Worldfest!

Wilderness won the  ”Independent Short Dramatic Original” Platinum Award at this year’s Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival!  It was terrific to share the experience with Dawn Wilkinson, the director, as it was her creative vision that brought the words and intention of the story to life.  Thanks to Ricardo Diaz, our DOP, for capturing such rich, compelling images; to the actors who are so willing to reveal bits of themselves onscreen; to Dominique Naipaul, our editor, who tirelessly and meticulously ensures every detail on screen is meant to be there; to the crew, who probably weren’t fed enough, but never complained; to Foad Almassi, our Production Manager, who’s positive spirit kept everyone going; to Evelyn Datl, whose music composition provided the subtle texture and emotional nuance to elevate the story.  OK enough!  This sounds too much like a soppy acceptance speech.  But I am grateful to be surrounded by strong, positive, creative people



Wilderness Screening at Worldfest Houston!

Wilderness is nominated for a Remi Award at this years Worldfest_Houston International Film Festival taking place April 13 – 22 in, where else, Houston, Texas.  Worldfest is one of the longest running film festivals and will present 55 new films and 100 shorts from over 30 countries.
Penny will be attending, so keep your fingers crossed!



Wilderness Screening at WIFT-T Short Film Showcase!

Wilderness was accepted in the Women In Film & Televisions Short Film Showcase on March 29, 2012!



Wilderness Selected for NSI Online Short Festival!

Wilderness, written by Penny Eizenga and directed by Dawn Wilkinson, has been selected for the NSI Online Short Film Festival.  The NSI is a national training school for Canadian writers, directors and producers working in film and television.
The NSI Online Short Film Festival is the only year-round, 100% Canadian online film festival.  New films are added weekly, so check it out!  Wilderness will likely be added this week.  All films selected are automatically considered for the A & E Short Filmmakers Award which recognizes excellence in filmmaking and awards $2,500 to the winner.