Margaret Wilson is a restrained, serious-minded middle-aged woman, covers her anxieties of feeling past her prime by almost obsessively controlling every aspect of her life.  She's the type who arrives early for an appointment, after double and triple checking the route ,ensuring she has a back-up plan.  "Down-sized" by a small pharmaceutical company two months ago, Margaret is anxious about searching for work in a depressed economy.  To the world, Margaret seems polite, and self-effacing, reliable and highly capable, but she struggles with nagging feelings of inferiority and buried rage.

Margaret Wilson


to vacuum her cats, to empty her kitchen cupboards once a week and scrub the shelves, to persue on-line dating sites, to buy expensive underwear, her therapist's furniture.


people who crunch candy wrappers during a movie, people who talk loudly into their cell phones, retail staff who talk to each other while ignoring Margaret, crooked pictures.


Trisha Dubuc is an uber health-conscious, somewhat self-absorbed married woman.  Although gorgeous, Trisha never feels like its quite enough and spends a good deal of her time and energy searching for that new and improved skin care product, more flattering clothes or "wellness" therapy to provide that much-needed boost.  She's used a lot of positive affirmation from men, but longs for the undivided attention from her husband, who seems much too pre-occupied with his Mac laptop, obsessively managing their on-line investments.  At least that's what he tells her.  Trisha pours all her love and attention onto her recently purchased chihuahua, whom she promptly named Manuel after her first boyfriend; a rich, handsome latino who adored her.  Trisha feels underappreciated and anticipates this new job will bring her fullfilment and nourish her soul. Too much to ask for?

Trisha Dubuc


to buy her dog expensive clothing, to eat pate in bed, to watch Jeopardy, to air-kiss, her therapist


Technology that doesn't work, owners of large dogs that don't pick up their excrement, crumbs between the bed sheets, being put on "hold'


Shelagh Macrae is a hard working mother of a one year old boy.  An unplanned pregnancy.  Shelagh lover her son, but hides her resentment over time constraints that prevent her from reaching her career goal: to be a corporate executive.  In fact, although she would never voice it, Shelagh would prefer to be CEO over motherhood any day.  Her husband is a traditional guy, working long hours trying to move up the career ladder as a middle-manager in a large insurance firm, while taking his MBA in the evenings, leaving little time to spell off Shelagh on the home front.   He prefers Shelagh stay at home to raise their son, with hopes of several more children on the horizon.  She is progressively becoming more and more frusterated and desperate to secure a job and realize her dream.

Shelagh Macrae



to smoke behind her husband's back, to watch Dragon's Den, to hang out in the Apple Store, her therapist's office.

Dirty diapers, men who wear jewelry to work, drivers who cut her off, tripping over the green garbage bin.


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