ARTICLE: The Arts Guild: 2014 Canadian Film Fest Short Films: Margaret Finds Her Mojo



Margaret Finds Her Mojo Accepted into LA Indie Film Festival!

Margaret Finds Her Mojo has been accepted into the LA Indie Film Festival, March 13-24th!!!



Brett Heard, Director of Margaret Finds Her Mojo, Wins Award!

Brett Heard, Director of Margaret Finds Her Mojo, won Best of the Festival for his feature film, STAG at London's Crystal Springs Film Festival this month!! Congratulations to Brett, his cast and crew!



Margaret Finds Her Mojo Cast & Crew Screening


Margaret Finds Her Mojo screening for cast ,crew,family and friends was a terrific success!  Held at the Camera Bar screening room on Queen Street West in Toronto, the venue was perfect.  Guests were able to watch the short film in more than one sitting, allowing people to mingle in the bar area and check out the art in the adjacent Stephen Bulgar Gallery.




Margaret Finds Her Mojo Screening

Margaret Finds Her Mojo screened to an appreciative audience of cast, crew, family & friends on Friday night at the Camera Parts theatre on Queen St W.  The reception that followed in the Stephen Bulger Gallery was superb, with food catered by Insomnia.  Lots of laughter, drinks, great food and art, all shared with some pretty spectacular people!  What an evening to remember!



Final Sound Mix for Margaret Finds Her Mojo

Brett Heard, Steve Cupani, Dominique Naipaul & Penny watched Kirk at Tattersall work his sound mixing magic at Tattersall Sound.  What fun to see the film come “alive with sound!”  I feel a song coming on … no I won’t dare sing The Sound of Music!



Brett Heard, Director of Margaret Finds Her Mojo Wins Award at LA COMEDY FEST!

Brett Heard, director of Margaret Finds Her Mojo, snagged two awards for his first feature film, STAG at the LA ComedyFest; Best Ensemble and the Award of Excellence!!!    Well done to the entire team!   We are so proud!



Director, Brett Heard's new feature STAG, premierees at LA Coomedy Fest!

Brett Heard, director of Margaret Finds Her Mojo, is screening the world premiere of his latest feature, STAG, at LA’s ComedyFest this month!



Stunt Rehearsal with Neil Davison is a real HIT!

Neil Davison, stunt coordinator extraordinaire and Cheryl Quiacos, talented stunt actor, assisted Penny, Tasha and Liz as they pumped themselves up for the fight of their acting careers!  Not one to cower in the corner of life, Penny stepped up to the plate, or the punch in this case and Neil happily complied with several upper cuts to Penny’s jaw.  It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.