Night Shoot

Hope springs from that which is right in front of us, which surprises us and seems to work. 

~Anne Lamott

NIGHT SHOOT explores the unexpected circumstances in which an odd pair of outsiders connect. 


BRANCH, an eccentric gentleman has built a fulfilling, although financially lean career as a one-line actor.  Eager to keep his characters from extinction, he creates lively, imaginary scenarios involving wardrobe ensembles collected from his past roles, inadvertently winning over WENDY, a jaded, world-weary wardrobe mistress.


This piece called for a buoyant, subtle style supporting Branch’s jubilant, child-like approach to life reflected in the choice of music, set design, color and tone.

The majority of shots were dolly or hand held, lingering on each character, giving the audience a sense of their inner life with selected quick pans between characters.  


Branch’s apartment was designed to feel crowded and chaotic, chock-a-block with strange and eclectic collectables. He likely doesn’t throw out a thing.  


Wendy’s apartment on the other hand, seems sparse in comparison, with a 1970’s bland color palette with minimal décor, reflecting her self-imposed isolation and melancholia.


NIGHT SHOOT was directed with a whimsical approach to a grown-up story reflecting a simple, uncomplicated slice of life.